Why Resilience is Important and How to Develop It

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Can Resilience be taught? And why is it so easy for some people to get knocked down and get right back up, but it’s so difficult for others? This my friends is what we’re going to be covering in today’s episode. By the end, you’re gonna know why resilience is important and actionable strategies that you can use today to start increasing yours.

As a survivor of miscarriage, abuse, divorce, and then suicide loss, I get a lot of questions on a regular basis as to how exactly I was able to survive all of that in such a short time frame. I went through all those different things in a span of only four years. 

I attribute my own resilience to being able to get me through this.

So what exactly is resilience? 

According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, resilience is 

“an ability to recover from or adjust easily from misfortune or change.” 

Why is resilience important? 

In my own personal experience, I found the resilience to be helpful with a few key things. And that includes, it helps with confidence, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and positive thinking.

5 Ways to Build More Resilience

(ABL) Always Be Learning 

In every single situation, in every kind of challenge you’ve encountered in life, it’s kind of put in your path more or less to teach you something, so always be learning. Decide what that situation is meant to teach you and most importantly, how are you going to act in the future to prevent a situation like that from happening again.

Build Your Own Self Awareness. 

Become more self-aware of your feelings and emotions through practices like meditation, journaling, and therapy. You can learn a lot about yourself and how you react to other people and kind of dig deep down as to why you’re in the position you’re in right now and how you can kind of move going forward.

Connect With Others

Don’t be afraid to seek out support groups on different things that you may be encountering, because there is actually comfort and knowing that other people have gone through what you’ve gone through and you can also learn from their experiences. 

Reframe Your Thinking

When you notice a negative thought pop into your head. Replace it with the exact opposite. This practice really forces you to re-examine your current situation and try to discover new opportunities, opportunities that are presented to you as a result of something that you know is no longer a possibility to you could ultimately be a blessing in disguise.

Make Courageous Choices

Whatever choice you have to make, always choose the more uncomfortable one. Make decisions that may kind of push you be slightly uncomfortable for regular day-to-day things you do, whatever it is that pushes you slightly outside of your comfort zone.

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