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Kenneth Cheadle : How to Learn Through Adversity

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Frankie Cote : The Power of Recognition

The power of recogitnion is a story being shared on today’s Corrie Lo Show.

Imagine you’ve hit legitimate rockstar status by the age of 21.  You’re listed under acts like the Cure on major music festivals and your fans really love to hear you play.

However, being heard isn’t the same as feeling seen.  So you drown down your sorrows deep into the rockstar lifestyle, only to find yourself addicted, overweight, and eventually suicidal.

So how exactly do you start over when you’ve already reached the top?  This is what today’s guest, Frankie Cote has done multiple times in his life, and today he’s going to share how he did it.

If you’ve achieved great success but still feel completely empty and unfulfilled, this episode is for you.  By the end of our conversation, you’ll understand the difference between being heard and feeling seen, identifying your rock bottom (pun not intended, or is it?), and that it’s ok to start over as many times as it takes until you get things “just right”.

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Frankie Cote’s Bio:

Frankie Cote is an Amazon Bestselling Author and the Founder of BE INFINITY, a life coaching business that helps its clients find the peace and self-love needed to take their lives to the next level. Frankie once weighed 320lbs, drank a bottle of whiskey every day, lived with chronic depression and an anxiety disorder and tried to kill himself twice. Having faced his demons and escaped the major rut he was in, he now spends his days helping others do the same.

Connect with Frankie & Corrie

? Connect with Frankie: https://www.beinfinity.today/
? Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsfrankiecote
? YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8meyv-GxAjXHL_fuHWG1-Q
?  Books: https://www.amazon.com/ESCAPE-BREATHE-IGNITE-escape-rut/dp/1793813469/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_pl_foot_top?ie=UTF8

? Connect with Corrie: corrielo.com
? Instagram: @iamcorrielo
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? YouTube: Corrie Lo

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