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How to Get Clients (by Answering One Question)

how to get clients

If you want to learn how to get clients, but can’t answer this one question… getting them will be tough.

You’ll instantly improve your client acquisition results by having clarity on this single question… even if you’re clueless about marketing.

The question: Who is your most profitable customer?

You have to know who exactly it is that you make the most money from, who is easy to work with and you invest the least amount of time in.

And it’s not just knowing them. You have to be savvy to their demographics, where they hang out, what do they love and value, what’s their lifestyle like, and much much more.

Tune in to this video and learn the 3 things you risk by lacking this clarity.

How to Get Clients

3 Things At Risk if You Can’t Answer This Question

You Don’t Stand Out

Truth is the vast majority of small businesses can’t answer this question effectively. So by advertising to everyone, just like everyone else… it’s near impossible for your business to stand out.

Your Ads Don’t “Speak” to Your Customers

To have a successful business, you need to provide a solution to a specific problem, for a specific customer. If your ads don’t speak to your customer’s specific problems and challenges, they’ll have zero idea you can even solve them!

You Won’t Stand Out as an Expert

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, do they see their General Practitioner or a walk-in clinic about it? Of course not! They want to go to a doctor who is an expert at dealing with cancer, so they go to an oncologist.

Your customers are looking for the same type of expert in your field to solve their problem. If your content doesn’t demonstrate your knowledge and expertise of their issue, they’ll have no idea you’re the expert they need to solve it!

In Summary…

When you speak to everyone… you effectively speak to no one. When you market and create content to bring in your ideal content, you need to be sure it’s focused on them, and what they’re looking for.

how to get clients

If this resonates for you and you’d like some help really narrowing down your niche and leveling up the number of clients you have, drop me a comment. I’m here to help!

Tiger King : Lessons in Branding

tiger king

“Hey there cool cats and kittens”

If that phrase rings familiar to you, it can mean only one thing.  That you too have binged on Netflix’s the Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness while locked down during quarantine!

The familiarity of Carole Baskin’s standard, but now famous Facebook Live greeting demonstrates something pretty incredible.  The power of brand authenticity.  Learn how to harness it yourself, and you too can be top of mind to your potential customers.

Over the past few weeks, my eyes have been glued to this train wreck of a reality show.  I know I’m not the only one.  Celia of Celia Werner Productions and I have been sending each other memes non-stop.  Then we figured, why not go live and discuss the show?

In our discussion, you’ll learn that there are four key lessons in branding any small business owner can take from watching this show.  

Lessons in Branding from Tiger King 

Consistency is King

Both of the main cast members, Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, are on social media.  All the damn time.

Doesn’t matter if they’re doing a live stream, or pre-recording a scheduled show.  If they’re not in a tiger cage, they’re always on a mobile device or in front of a camera. 

They don’t always have a specific plan either.  On the show, you’ll often witness that they go online just to share how they feel, or to provide updates on what’s going on in their worlds.  

This my friends, is how you build an audience.  Everyone wants to hear what happens next, and by remaining consistent you provide an opportunity for them to do so.

Equipment Doesn’t Matter

You’ll notice while watching the show that Joe Exotic has a fairly elaborate “studio” complete with green screens and mixing boards.  Carole tends to do most of broadcasts from either a webcam or her smartphone while riding her bike.

Is the quality of Joe’s content necessarily better than Carole’s?  No way.  This goes to prove it’s more important just to show up and be authentic, than wait to have the perfect equipment to do so.

Same operations (kind of), different missions

At it’s core, both GW Exotic Animal Park (Joe Exotic’s establishment) and Big Cat Rescue (Carole Baskin’s establishment) both include the same thing: big cats in cages.

However, both Joe and Carole have extremely different missions.  Joe’s in it for the fame and glitz exotic animals can provide and his right to own them.  Carole is driven by getting exotic animals eventually out of captivity altogether.

Because each stands behind what they value, they’ve managed to amass a giant audience that each believes as strongly about the same things as they do.

When you have a strong mission and share it, it helps you attract the right audience for you.

Authenticity is Everything

The #1, most influential reason Tiger King became as popular as it was is the authenticity of it’s ENTIRE cast.  Everyone featured on the show is 100% unapologetically who they are.  And let’s be honest… they’re a bizarre, motley cru!

They make zero apologies and take action on what they believe is important, even gay polygamy.  When you’re building a brand, honesty helps build trust.

 It’s that imperfection that makes people human, and what sets apart small businesses from big brands.

 In Summary…

During this pandemic, people have a lot of time to be sitting in front of screens, consuming content like Tiger King.  Now’s a chance that they could be consuming YOUR content.  

It’s up to you to get visible and get out there.  
When you do, just remember to show up regularly, use what you have, share your mission, and remain authentic.  This will allow you to build a brand worth talking about.  Just like Tiger King.

Ready to make your business more visible?

   Take my small business Marketing Personality quiz to find out where you should be focusing your advertising efforts.  It takes your unique products and services and personality and recommends the best style of marketing for your small business.

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