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The female motivational speaker you’ve been looking for.

Corrie’s mission is for people to start seeing challenges as an opportunity for learning, and not as an excuse.

No matter where you life or business is today, if your stuck, it’s a sign that there’s a larger problem that needs to be addressed.  If you do so you’ll find the success you are seeking.

Corrie’s motivational lectures provide practical, uplifting, easy-to-apply methods to help increase resilience, success, and fulfillment in life. As an international life and business strategist, coach, YouTuber, podcast host, A-list blogger, and speaker, Corrie has helped audiences across the globe become motivated to scale their own legacies through her honest approach to motivational speaking and uplifting workshops.


Audiences around the globe celebrate Corrie’s own story of overcoming incredible adversity, along with her unique, vulnerable, authentic, and uplifting message.


Corrie speaks on the topics of motivation and resilience with her guests on her show The Corrie Lo Show.  She also has been featured in various media outlets including Elite Daily, Girlboss, Insider, Business Insider, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global and HelloGiggles. 


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Corrie's Signature difference

Corrie is an inspirational leader who can motivate your corporate or community group to unprecedented heights. Corrie will customize her talk based on the needs of your audience, employees, or community.

Corrie’s straightforward teaching gives you the tools and guidance to let go of your fears and make the most of any situation. Drawing from her own life-changing experiences, business acumen, and leadership experience, her programs utilize an empowering process that encourages audiences to dive deep within themselves so they can:


Motivate themselves, instead of relying on others to do it for them

Recognize their own resilience

Embrace change instead of avoid it

Move forward with confidence instead of fear

Remove self-limiting beliefs and negative talk

Utilize their life challenges as training for their true purpose

Boost their self-esteem

Live life in the current moment

Appreciate life’s gifts

Lead by inspiring others


The fastest way around a challenge is through it, and Corrie motivates people to charge right in.


Don’t Give Up: Change Your Strategy

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Have you ever felt so frustrated and overwhelmed that you wondered if you should just throw in the towel?

Instead of giving up, what if you set aside just 60 minutes and as a result, completely transformed your motivation? When you can find clarity, it becomes much easier to adapt your strategy to accommodate your current reality.

In this session, learn from a veteran small & family business development strategist — where to look to find all the answers you need to make confident, informed decisions on what to change and get excited about your passion and purpose again.


  • The #1 reason 95% of society are mediocre performers
  • Where to look to get a crystal clear picture of your current situation
  • How to tell if your goals are appropriate and obtainable
  • Who needs to be aligned with your goals and what happens if they’re not.
  • What happens when you neglect your personal care and how it affects your success.

It’s Not Your Fault You’re Not Productive

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When distracted, it takes the average person 23 minutes to regain focus. But how is someone in today’s connected society supposed to stay focused when that same average person picks up their smartphone 80 times a day?

To gain productivity, you need to minimize your distractions, and that means you need to start prioritizing what alerts matter. In this session, learn from a veteran strategist – and TedX speaker – how it’s not your fault you’re not productive, and exactly what to do to reclaim your productivity again. In this session you will learn:


  • The real reason you are distracted all the time
  • Distraction’s damaging cost on your mental health
  • Why multitasking is inefficient
  • A framework for what steps to take to double productivity
  • A set of simple tools and resources you can use to help you do it

The Authentic Edge: Honesty Brings Success

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In a picture-perfect Instagram world, it’s more difficult than ever to be brave enough to honestly represent yourself online as well as offline.

If authenticity is crucial in creating a well-liked brand, how does one find the courage to be authentic when perfection is the status quo? In this session, learn from a veteran brand strategist and TedX speaker – how you can create a brand with authenticity so magnetic, that the right customers and opportunities are attracted effortlessly to you. In this session you will learn:


  • Authenticity is crucial in creating a well-liked brand
  • The high cost of not investing in your brand image
  • Why it is so difficult for people to feel safe enough to be authentic online
  • The reason why you should prioritize messaging over design
  • What steps to take to create your authentic brand

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Upcoming Events

Corrie may be coming to your area!  Here’s where she’ll be speaking in the coming months.

Babylon, NY 10/16/19

Farmingdale, NY 11/6/19

Bethpage, NY 11/20/19

Commack, NY 11/26/19

Bayside, NY 12/5/19

Merrick, NY 12/16/19

Amityville, NY 12/12/19

Hampton Bays, NY 1/21/19

Brooklyn, NY 2/9/19

Oceanside, NY 2/20/20

Brentwood, NY 3/7/20

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