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Hi, I’m Corrie!

I’m a strategist, coach, influencer, host and professional speaker who helps people become entrepreneurs.

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Available presentations

Unstuck Yourself : Your Foolproof Strategy for Change

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It’s common to become so overwhelmed in your life and work that you feel “stuck”. However, it’s actually a good sign.It simply means that something in your current strategy needs to be adapted to your current reality.In this session, learn from a veteran strategist and TEDx Speaker — the 5 “overwhelm culprits” that could be holding back your progress and what exactly to do about them.In this session you will learn:


  • The 5 “overwhelm culprits” and how they affect your life and business.
  • The two different scenarios that inspire people into action, either willingly or unwillingly.
  • A proven, easy to use system to manage overwhelm and increase productivity fast.
  • Increased confidence and security knowing how to manage any situation that comes your way.

The Authentic Edge: Visibility Through Honesty

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In a picture-perfect Instagram world, it’s more difficult than ever to be brave enough to honestly represent yourself online as well as offline.

If authenticity is crucial in creating a well-liked brand, how does one find the courage to be authentic when perfection is the status quo? In this session, learn from a veteran brand strategist and TedX speaker – how you can create a brand with authenticity so magnetic, that the right customers and opportunities are attracted effortlessly to you. In this session you will learn:


  • Authenticity is crucial in creating a well-liked brand
  • The high cost of not investing in your brand image
  • Why it is so difficult for people to feel safe enough to be authentic online
  • The reason why you should prioritize messaging over design
  • What steps to take to create your authentic brand

It’s Not Your Fault You’re Not Productive

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When distracted, it takes the average person 23 minutes to regain focus. But how is someone in today’s connected society supposed to stay focused when that same average person picks up their smartphone 80 times a day? To gain productivity, you need to minimize your distractions, and that means you need to start prioritizing what alerts matter.

In this session, learn from a veteran strategist – and TedX speaker – how it’s not your fault you’re not productive, and exactly what to do to reclaim your productivity again. In this session you will learn:


  • The real reason you are distracted all the time
  • The danger of distraction on your mental health
  • Why multitasking is inefficient
  • A framework for what steps to take to double productivity
  • A set of simple tools and resources you can use to help you do it

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Previous Clients Include

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Rotary Club of Commack


Reasons & Results Online Summit

Accelerate 2020 Women’s Summit

2020 Vision Brunch

Rotary Club of Babylon

Rotary Club of Flushing

Rotary Club of Hampton Bays

Vee Industry Expert Q&A

HerRise Conference 2020

The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce

Rotary Club of Farmingdale

Rotary Club of Amityville

Together Digital

Life by Design

Utterly Content 2020 

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