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The female motivational speaker you’ve been looking for.

Corrie’s mission is to let people know that motivation is a skill that can be taught. No matter where you life or business is today, if your motivation has stalled, it’s a sign that there’s a larger problem that needs to be addressed.  If you do so you’ll find the success you are seeking.

Corrie’s motivational lectures provide practical, uplifting, easy-to-apply methods to help increase resilience, success, and fulfillment in life. As an international life and business strategist, coach, YouTuber, podcast host, A-list blogger, and speaker, Corrie has helped audiences across the globe become motivated to overcome their adversity through her honest approach to motivational speaking and uplifting workshops.


Audiences around the globe celebrate Corrie’s own story of overcoming incredible adversity, along with her unique, vulnerable, authentic, and uplifting message.


Corrie speaks on the topics of motivation and resilience with her guests on her show The Corrie Lo Show.  She also has been featured in various media outlets including Elite Daily, Girlboss, Insider, Business Insider, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global and HelloGiggles. 


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Corrie's Signature difference

Corrie is an inspirational leader who can motivate your corporate or community group to unprecedented heights. Corrie will customize her talk based on the needs of your audience, employees, or community.

Corrie’s straightforward teaching gives you the tools and guidance to let go of your fears and make the most of any situation. Drawing from her own life-changing experiences, business acumen, and leadership experience, her programs utilize an empowering process that encourages audiences to dive deep within themselves so they can:


Motivate themselves, instead of relying on others to do it for them

Recognize their own resilience

Embrace change instead of avoid it

Move forward with confidence instead of fear

Remove self-limiting beliefs and negative talk

Utilize their life challenges as training for their true purpose

Boost their self-esteem

Live life in the current moment

Appreciate life’s gifts

Lead by inspiring others


The fastest way around a challenge is through it, and Corrie motivates people to charge right in.



The Motivation Method

Stay Motivated, No Matter What

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When Corrie experienced more adversity in a span of four years than most people experience in a lifetime, she was tasked with a unique challenge.  She had to personally process surviving miscarriage, abuse, divorce and suicide loss all while professionally keeping on task as the 3rd generation in charge of her family’s business.

How exactly do you keep your motivation moving forward… when life keeps changing your plans?

What she’s learned through her own experience is both personal and professional growth stagnates when you don’t change your strategy to accommodate your current reality.  How exactly to know what needs to change in order to get motivated again is what this talk will cover.

She shares stories with the audience illustrating 5 key areas that if out of alignment will slow our motivation.  When we learn how to address the imbalances, our motivation has the potential to become unstoppable. Corrie calls it the Motivation Method, and in this talk she summaries how it works and how you can start using it today.

 This keynote is humorous, honest, and motivational.  The audience will not only be captivated but will leave the event feeling more confident in their own abilities and prepared to go get their goals.


  • Learn how clarity is the roadmap to success.
  • Discover how our lack of confidence affects action.
  • Understanding we are the sum of the people we choose to spend our time with.
  • Our time dedicated self-care, education and personal development affect our actions.
  • Tips to become more consistent in our thoughts and actions.


Making Courageous Choices

Empowering Yourself While Confronting Life’s Challenges

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In 4 short years, Corrie LoGiudice experienced more life-altering set-backs than most people experience in a lifetime. She had to balance healing from such trauma as miscarriage, abuse, and divorce all while serving as an SVP and navigating life as a single mother.

When Corrie was the one to discover her long-term, post-divorce partner died by suicide, she realized she was going to be faced with starting over, yet again. However this time she already knew the choices she was going to be presented with. She also felt empowered enough to finally make the tough ones.

Most people by default when presented with choices in the face of adversity go with the easiest one. However, the easier the choice, the less opportunity there is for growth. Corrie makes the case that choosing the most difficult option will result in the most dramatic transformation, and it’s worth pushing ourselves to our own limits to find out how far we can go.

This keynote is vulnerable, honest, and inspirational. The audience will not only be captivated but will leave the event feeling more empowered in making their own courageous choices.


  • The secret to not feeling alone when times get tough
  • How to avoid situational depression and anxiety
  • How to minimize fallout during challenges
  • The best way to change negative thinking to positive
  • How to utilize your negative emotions to empower yourself

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Babylon, NY 10/16/19

Farmingdale, NY 11/6/19

Bethpage, NY 11/20/19

Commack, NY 11/26/19

Bayside, NY 12/5/19

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Amityville, NY 12/12/19

Hampton Bays, NY 1/21/19

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