Signs You’re in Love with a Narcissist with Bonnielee Cuevas

narcissistic abuse recovery

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Where do you start when it comes to narcissistic abuse recovery?

Imagine you’re a previously divorced mother.  You’ve strived through your split with your ex-husband to amicably raise and parent the son you share together.  You’ve not only succeeded but have inspired others (like myself) to do the same.

Things seem to be going well until your son hits you with some news.  He wants to leave to live with his father. The reason? He can’t stand to watch the emotional abuse you are receiving in your current romantic relationship, especially since you’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

So what happens?  Does he leave? You’ll have to finish the rest of this episode to find out.

This story is exactly what today’s guest, Bonnielee Cuevas experienced.  If any of Bonnielee’s story sounds familiar, this episode is for you. By the end of our conversation, you’ll understand better how to successfully co-parent, how to navigate narcissistic abuse recovery, and how to effectively heal your soul in its aftermath.

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Bonnielee Cuevas Bio:

Bonnielee Cuevas is a Healer and a Creator. She is the founder of Beautiful-lee Free where she helps awaken women’s fierce self-love and wild freedom through spirituality. She is also the founder of The Sage Collective a firm providing intuitive business teams to women creators and healers. She has dedicated her life to helping her soul sister level up. She is a proud single mom and an avid traveler.

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