How to Look for the Positive in Any Situation

Amanda Englishby Look for the Positive

The last time something really traumatic happened to you, how did you view it from a mindset perspective?  I’ll bet it was pretty negative, however you viewed it. It’s easy to in the thick of the moment think of it as a setback, and not even bother looking for a positive in the situation.  

But what if I said that you have full control of your mindset and how you frame your experience?  That’s what I’ll be discussing with today’s guest, Amanda Englishby. Amanda suffered traumatic child, sexual, emotional and physical abuse ranging from childhood through her young adult years.  She also suffered infertility, broken dreams, and eating disorders.  

As you’ll see by following along with our conversation, her ability to look for the positive in all these situations helped her heal.  You can do the same and our discussion will show you how.

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How to Look for the Positive in Any Situation

Here’s some of the points from my conversation with Amanda.

  • Amanda shares her experience of being sexually and physically abused by family members from ages 3-11. (1:48)
  • Trigger Warning – Amanda shares in graphic detail the pivotal moment that showed her she needed to get out a physically abusive relationship (10:14)
  • Amanda then discusses her experience of learning she went through early menopause and the relationship that ended as a result. (16:13)
  • Amanda and I discuss how victims tend to attract abusers in a cycle (24:15)
  • Amanda shares with us how she took a year sabbatical that she affectionately dubbed “the year of Amanda”. (24:37)
  • Amanda shares how after an unforeseen event, she navigated being homeless in a foreign country (30:12)
  • She and I discuss how to stop planning every move and learning to embrace spontaneous travel (33:22)
  • Amanda shares how an experience on a 10 day silent meditation retreat taught her to deal with unresolved issues (35:45)
  • Amanda shares what she includes in her self-care toolbox to live a fulfilling life (38:08)
  • Amanda discusses how she’d been unknowingly using food as a coping mechanism and wasn’t aware for over 13 years.  (40:45)
  • Amanda talks about how utilizing NLP helped her change her own self-limiting beliefs (42:57)

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Amanda Englishby Bio:

Amanda is a highly established and accredited Life Coach, Writer, NLP Practitioner and Motivational Speaker who offers coaching sessions across the across the globe; in person, via Skype, FaceTime or by phone.

After thirteen years working in the Education Sector Amanda now dedicates her life to her business; coaching individuals, delivering workshops and sharing her story on stage to inspire and motivate others to make the changes they need to live the lives they deserve! Amanda identifies the problems or limiting beliefs which are holding her clients back and utilizes a range of varied techniques to help them to move forward and reach their personal and professional goals. Her unique person-centered approach fused alongside her genuine passion to help others is reflected in the amazing results of her clients and the testimonies/reviews she receives. To find out more about Amanda’s coaching style and services or to make a booking please visit her website;

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