How to Release What No Longer Serves You

How to Release What No Longer Serves You

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Fall is my absolute favorite season. There’s something about the crisp air and the gracefulness of the tree’s changing colors and releasing their leaves that just really gets to me. That and I love apple and pumpkin picking, I know I’m not alone on that front!

Earlier this week, I attended an evening yoga class where the instructor also made this observation, and suggested to the class that like the trees we “release something that is no longer serving you”. This direction really struck me since it’s not something we often think about doing. However when practiced regularly, this release can be the ultimate form of self care.

For my yoga practice, I set the intention to release the future expectations I’ve been holding onto of the life I was supposed to have with my late boyfriend (who passed in June). I felt tremendous relief in making this small, conscious effort even if just for my yoga practice that day.

In setting your own intentions, it can be for anything that isn’t currently serving where you are today. Some ideas include:

  • Expectations of situations or others
  • Toxic Relationships
  • Saying yes or no to people or obligations.
  • Self-limiting beliefs
  • Negative self-talk
  • Possessions you no longer want or need
  • Excessive spending or purchasing
  • Excessive eating or drinking


How to Release What No Longer Serves You

Once you select what it is you want to release, here’s how to actually do it.

Accept It No Longer Serves You

The very first step is acceptance that whatever it is has stopped delivering value to your life. Everything in life has it’s place, but nothing lasts forever. By accepting it at one point served you, but now no longer does, it’s easier to let it go.

Forgive Yourself for Holding Onto It

We often times hold onto things for longer than we should out of fear. Fear of change, fear of not trying hard enough, fear things will never again be the way they once were, fear of losing a memory, and so on. Once you decide whatever it is no longer serves you and accept it, forgive yourself for holding onto it as long as you have. Be kind to yourself, we all do this.

If you are working towards releasing a toxic relationship or person, at this point you’d also want to forgive that person. If you carry any anger or resentment towards them, you will not be able to fully release them.

Release It

Mentally allow whatever it is to be released from your attention. When this happens, you should feel a sense of relief.

Take Action

Once you’ve released it, now you have to take action and actually follow through with it. If you are releasing a relationship, it may be necessary to communicate your new boundaries to that person. If you are releasing excess eating or drinking, communicating this intention to supportive family or friends may be helpful. It’s okay if you need support to make your release possible, ask those around you for help.

To make this process even easier, I’ve created a guided meditation that will help you identify what you should release, and let it go. You can download it below.


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What will you be releasing this fall season? Leave a comment and let me know.

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