How to Get Over a Breakup Fast

how to get over a breakup fast

Breakups are really damn painful.  So much is lost in a breakup. You lose your future dreams and aspirations, your self-confidence, motivation, self-worth, and even more.  It doesn’t matter whether the breakup was with a romantic partner, business partner, friend or family member, it stings all the same.

Break-ups, unfortunately, are part of life, so it’s in our best interest to learn how to handle them instead of letting the situation take control of us.  

After this episode, you’ll know three strategies to help you get through your very worst breakup.  By allowing yourself space and time to heal, learning from the experience and letting go, you’ll emerge after it an improved, more motivated individual.

How to Cope with a Breakup Fast

On this episode, I discuss a few key strategies that can help you cope and get over your breakup fast.  Some of the strategies I discuss include:


You have to learn to take care of yourself during these difficult times.  That includes getting enough sleep, hydration, exercise and eating well. You’ll also need to allow yourself to fully experience your pain and try to take things one day at a time.

Self Reflection

Figuring out what’s meant to be learnt of the situation can be extremely helpful.  Determining how you may have contributed to the situation, what expectations may or may not have been met on both sides, and who you are today as a result of the relationship can be healing.  

Letting Go

Letting go is a choice, and probably the greatest act of love one can give.  It also helps provide space within your life for something new and perhaps even better to enter it.

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What’s something you once learned as a result of a failed relationship?  Leave a comment below. Your comment may be featured on a future episode.

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