Valencia Griffin Wallace: How to Forgive and Let Go of Your Past

how to forgive

Imagine being only 8 years old.  Your step-father got your mother hooked on drugs, your home life is chaotic. You find support through your friends, but can’t spend as much time with them as you’d like because their gang won’t allow you to hang with them… that is unless you join them. So you decide to become a teenage gangster.

This is exactly what happened to today’s guest, Valencia Griffin Wallace.  Curious about how an 8-year-old even gets initiated into a gang? You’ll have to listen to our interview to find out.

If you are a hot-headed, angry individual who blames the world for where you are in life, this episode is for you.  By the end of our conversation, you’ll learn where to find help if you can’t find it with your family. You’ll also think differently about your challenges in life, and maybe start to see them as preparation for what you are really meant to accomplish in this world.

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Valencia Griffith Wallace’s Bio:

Valencia Griffin-Wallace is a transformational mentor, award winning author, and speaker. She has presented both nationally and internationally on stages such as the 31st D.A.R.E International. Training Conference and Life By Design LIVE in Canada. She has been featured in Brilliant Awakening, Courageous Woman and Diamond Diva Magazine and is the host of Define U Radio podcast. She is the creator of Define U Live and co-creator of The MOVE Experience annual live events in Louisiana.

Valencia’s upbringing serves as a catalyst for her passion for helping others, in which she details in Motherless Child, an In The Margins Recommended Non-Fiction and Top Ten book of 2019. Valencia has spent over 10 years as a serial entrepreneur. She serves on the Advisory Board for the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival, which has allowed her to interview and interact with celebrities, advocates for children through CASA, and was nominated for influencer and author of the year by the SLAY BOSS Network.

Valencia’s mission is to teach women to define their goals, create action plans and implement strategies. Her no-nonsense, unapologetic, but faith-filled approach sets her apart in a space focused on “me first.” She has worked with many women building businesses, publishing and more, while learning the rules of being an empty nester with a college-age son with her husband, David.

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