Following Your Heart, Even if It Means Changing Directions

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If you follow along with me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you know how excited I am today to be sharing details today on the new direction I’m taking my coaching business. I wanted to do more than just a formal blog announcement, so I created a vlog today discussing the background behind the decision, as well as all the valuable resources I’ve created for you as a result of it.

In today’s vlog I share:

  • The many different niches I’ve coached in so far.
  • How not trusting my intuition was preventing me from serving people to my fullest potential.
  • How I felt when I was stuck, and what I did to get past it.
  • How my key past life experiences set me up to do what I’m meant to do today.
  • What I discovered my true passion is (hint, it involves the world mental health crisis)
  • The valuable, free resources I’ve created especially for YOU to take charge of your own mental health.
  • How we can take things to the next level by working together.



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Hi, my name is Corrie LoGiudice. Today, I want to talk a little bit about following your heart even if it means having to completely change directions. I want to give you a little bit of background about why I want to talk about this and where I’m coming from. I actually started off my career working for my family’s business and eventually after 15 years of being there, was an SVP. I was an SVP there for quite a while. I was serving at that role for probably five to seven years.

Through all of that, one of the things that I love most about my job was the coaching aspect of being an executive leader. I really, really loved working with individuals one-on-one whether it be our employees, or our clients, or vendors. Hearing what their challenges were, working with them to come up with creative solutions. I wanted them to guide themselves because I feel everybody is capable of great things if they really put their mind to it.

Then from there, succeeding and surpassing everybody’s expectations. That was something I really, really loved about the job. After a while, after 15 years of doing that, I really started to question whether or not it was for me. Not because I didn’t enjoy what I was doing but because of the hours. For those of you who may follow me, I have a three-year-old son, and I’m a single mom, so I wasn’t really getting to spend much time with him at all.

With my commute, I was out of the house 13 to 14 hours a day. I would get to see my son for maybe an hour in the evening and that was it. It wasn’t working for me. I was tired. Earlier this year, I made the decision that I wanted to start coaching on my own and start my own business which is what I started to do. Initially, starting off as a coach because I worked in the business world. I decided, “Okay, well, I’m going to start off by working with businesses”.

So I started off as a social media marketing coach, working with small businesses. Teaching them how to use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, all the different platforms that we use. While it was going okay for me, and I was good at what I was doing. For whatever reason in my heart, it just wasn’t sitting with me. I felt like I mean to do something more but ultimately I figured, “Okay, well, this is what I should be doing. I’m a prior executive. This is my skill set. This is what I have to offer people.” Just push there and do it.

What changed all of that was a life-changing setback. On my part, I had my long-time partner, this past summer, died by suicide. That really put things in perspective for me. It really makes you second-guess your life and what you’re doing with your life. Life is so precious, and to be doing something that doesn’t feel right to you, I suddenly had zero tolerance to want to put up with anything besides what feels right to me, in that moment.

With that said, I decided that I wanted to start coaching individuals that, on my soul level, that felt more in tune with what I like to do. It did also, more or less and in-line with what I enjoyed even working as an executive because the part that I really liked was the individual work with employees and people like that. I decided I was going to work with individuals instead of businesses.

Where that took me to was me thinking, “Okay, well, as an individual, what do I have to offer people?” In thinking through all of my life challenges at that time– I’ve suffered a lot of losses. Probably more than most people do. I’ve been through miscarriage. I’ve been through a divorce. I had an emotionally, abusive relationship. Then the suicide of my long-term partner. It’s a lot of stuff to stomach, and I felt that somewhere in there, there was something that I should have learned to be able to help other people with.

I figured, “Okay, let me start with divorce”, since that being a suicide loss survivor was still a bit new for me. I didn’t feel comfortable really talking to people about that. The divorce I’d been, through I was over that so let me focus on that. I started focusing on that, and I was getting clients, and I was working people through their divorces and their issues, but something’s still in the back of my head just did not sit right.

Can’t really tell you what it was but it was more like this voice telling you, “Corrie, this isn’t right for you. You’re meant to do something different.” I wasn’t exactly sure where to go. Because I had tried to work two or three different divorce coaching packages at that point. My eyes were doing well from I was in marketing executive. I mean that part of it was working well so I couldn’t figure out why things weren’t jiving.

Eventually, I finally decided, “Okay, well, I’m going to hire a coach for myself and I’m going to working with the coach”. Hopefully, we’d figure out exactly what it is that I should be doing. I did that and literally within one session figured out exactly what my purpose is and what I should be doing. When you take all of my personal life experiences and string them all together, which is something that my coach had actually had me do, she wanted me to map out all of the pivotal points in my life which for me all involved some loss or pain, figure out what the common denominator is. When I did that it was incredible to me because the common denominator was so clear.

Everything that I had been through in my life was either the result of myself or oppressing or suppressing emotions, or somebody else surrounding me not fully processing their own emotions, and therefore either hurting myself or somebody else. With that said, all of a sudden, bells are going off in my head that what you were meant to do is you’re supposed to help people learn what you learned because ultimately it took me a good five years of trying to learn to process my own emotions and use them for my own growth, to get to where I was today, instead of seeing my challenges as a setback to search through them and take myself to the next level.

All of it was surrounding my emotions, and how I dealt with them especially the negative ones. With that said, it really made me realize deep down the issues that were always issues for me as far as passions and beliefs, and tying my work moving forward to it. When you talk about problems, right now one of the things that really, really drives me is the worldwide mental health crisis. It’s incredible when you look at the numbers. As at last year, so 2017, 300 million people were diagnosed as being depressed and over 260 million people have anxiety.

That’s a lot of people. That’s over a 33% increase in the United States alone from 2013. Something’s not working, but I am of the belief that it’s not our fault. We’re being taught that we need to buy happiness through pills and things. You get depress, the first thing that they tell you to do is to go to a doctor and get put on meds. Granted there is always a place and a purpose for being put on medication, but it shouldn’t necessarily be the first course of action. The first course of action should be processing what you’re feeling and understanding why you’re feeling that way.

It’s not just take a pill and it goes away. Also, pills don’t solve the core issue. Right now, there are so many core issues that as a society I really feel we need to deal with. First and foremost, we’re being poisoned by toxins in our environment and our food, which when we absorb that that ultimately affects our hormones and therefore our minds. Our environments and what we’re eating is taking a huge part in how we’re feeling and what we’re feeling. Pills aren’t going to stop day-to-day stresses.

Things like social media bullying or the constant influx of ads that we’re seeing on a constant basis telling us that we need to buy things in order to feel better for ourselves, or to be worthy of other people liking us, or even most importantly and recently the media constantly playing this news feed that we’re in a state of danger and we need to be afraid all the time. These things are never going to go away. Taking a pill isn’t going to make all of that go away.

What do we need to do we need to learn how to deal with that external stress and not let it affect us so much so that we can actually take action steps to start to change those things in our society and to be better members of society. In general, we’re just taught that we need to hustle to happiness and to not pay attention to our health, which is really the wrong way of going about it. As you can tell by me talking about it, it’s something I’m very, very passionate about.

Trying to think of my place in making a difference for this, I realized after all of the different life challenges that I’ve experienced to this point, the one thing that I’ve really gotten down is learning how to use your emotions instead of fearing them to really harness them to live a better life and use them to direct you to what you need to be doing. When you have negative emotions, it’s basically telling you that something is not right, whether it be something within your environment, something that you’re feeding yourself something that it’s happening around you, something is not in alignment with who you are deep down in your soul, and it’s something that you need to address.

The more that you push it down whether it be through addicted behaviors or just ignoring it all together, the worse it’s going to get. I really feel that I have an opportunity to help teach people how to really embrace their emotions for what they are and use them to grow as an individual, and take themselves further in their lives and their careers than they ever expected to be imaginable. I kind of came to the solution by being a self-help junkie for many, many years. I never bought the ‘You need to buy this to be happy’ or ‘You need to do that to not be sad.’ I knew that that came from within myself.

Over the years, I read so much content on whether– it’d be self-help, productivity, success, mindfulness, spirituality, all those different subjects I read all of them incessantly like it was my job. Ultimately, I think that what I had learnt from that really set me up to be able to handle all of my life challenges in a very, very efficient and healthy way. So to put things in perspective I know earlier I had mentioned that I had survived a miscarriage, I’ve been in an emotionally abusive relationship, I went through a divorce, and most recently become a suicidal loss survivor.

The incredible thing is that all happened within a span of just five years. Five years, most people don’t have to encounter that within a lifetime but within five years I have been able to go through that and through each and every challenge, everyone that I went through, I came out the other side a more improved person. I didn’t let it set me back. I instead used it as an opportunity to grow.

These tactics that I learned within all of my education that I did over those years, this is what I want to be sharing with you, and that’s what I’m going to be sharing today. For what I created for you guys today, and I’m so excited to be able to announce this today, if you go to on the very first page there is an emotional personality quiz. You take the emotional personality quiz, it’s just 15 questions at the end you’re going to get the results which are either suppressed or repressed, balanced or hypersensitive.

From there with an e-mail opt-in, I’ll send directly to your inbox a full toolkits that is customized for your specific emotional personality on how to handle your emotions.

All of the information in the toolkit, it’s over 50 pages total, depending on which toolkit that you get, full of content guides. It all links in resources to the places that I found the information to help myself through my own personal challenges. I’m sharing with you exactly the same content that I used for myself to get through my dark times.

For those who want to take even a step further, who want more customized one-on-one attention, you can work with me through my life coaching program. So you can go to again, select ‘Work with me’, and then coaching. From there I have three different packages.

You could who work from me on a single session basis or up to six sessions, so two-month program. Again, it’s very, very customized. We specifically focus on your emotions, how you’re feeling now, and where you want to go, and then I guide you in the right direction to be able to achieve everything that you’ve wanted to achieve and get past your darkest times and life hurdles.

So today, I invite you to visit the website, take that the quiz, get the emotional care toolkit, and share this video with other people so that they can do that as well. I strongly believe that working together, we can help end the stigma on mental health awareness. Learning how to feel without fear is the first step to us all getting there. Thank you for taking the time to watch today. I look forward to getting to know you all much better. Thanks.

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