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How to Network Effectively Without Wasting Time

how to network effectively

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The One Fear Stopping You From Having a Business

How to handle rejection

Is there any worse feeling than being told “no”?  Or worse yet… hearing nothing at all?  Learning how to handle rejection is one of the hardest tasks anyone has to master.

This feeling alone is what prevents so many aspiring and new entrepreneurs from achieving the consistency needed to make their goals a reality.  Being told it just once is enough to believe that your idea doesn’t have legs and will never make any money.

But here’s the thing.  Being a successful leader requires successfully managing rejection on a regular basis.  It’s in a leader’s strength that you inspire others to be fearless and follow suit.

As a professional speaker, most people don’t realize that for every speaking engagement I book, I had to pitch almost 50 other opportunities I was rejected from prior to landing the one successful one.

Get ready to start feeling empowered every time you hear a “no”.  Today I’m sharing with you exactly how to better handle rejection, which will allow you to continue on to find the solution that ultimately works best for you, your clients, and your new business.

Understand hearing “no” is not personal

Imagine if you took the word “yes” as personally as you take the word “no”.

What if every time someone said they want to sign up for your service, or buy your product, that you left feeling defeated and like an imposter.  Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Someone deciding whether or not to engage with you is not a reflection of your worth or value.

There can be so many different reasons behind that no that have absolutely nothing to do with you.  Maybe it’s not the right timing, they don’t have the resource to invest, etc.

Just because someone tells you no doesn’t mean there isn’t someone hoping and praying they’ll meet someone just like you to say yes to!! This is why learning how to handle rejection is so important!

So the next time you get rejected, remember it has absolutely nothing to do with you and try not to take it personally.  If you do, it often means you’re not focused on what’s best for the customer, and that’s no good for any parties involved.

Every “no” is a step closer to “yes”

Each time you hear “no”, you’re a step closer to hearing “yes”.

Success, especially in skills like sales, is a numbers game.

The most seasoned salespeople understand that if their average closing rate is 30%, to get one sale they need to speak to a minimum of 3 people.  They expect those two no’s as part of that journey to hearing the “yes”.  

So today I challenge you to sit down and figure out your numbers.  How many people have you made proposals to in the last month?  How many of those said yes?  How many said no? What percentage did they break out as?

When you know you need to get X number of yes’s… you’ll be able to confidently figure out exactly how many calls, and “no’s”, you’ll need to hear to get there.  

Set a number of “no’s” you aspire to collect

Who here loves a good game?

If you struggle with rejection, a great one to play is to collect the number of “no’s” you hear in a day.  

The key thing here is by adopting this practice, you’re building up the habit of hearing something uncomfortable each and every day.  Eventually, the words will sting a hell of a lot less than they did before.  

This is because the words no longer carry the same weight because you hear them more often.  This wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t push yourself out of your comfort zone and put yourself in a position in order to hear it more.

So set a number you aspire to collect today and get to work getting them!  When you do, you’ll not only have mastered how to handle rejection, but you’ll be a pro at collecting “no’s”

In Summary…

So there you have it!  When you stop taking “no’s” personally, adopt the mindset each one gets you closer to a “yes”, and start to aspire to hear more of them, you’ll feel more empowered to remain consistent in your actions in order to achieve your desired results.

Persistence and the ability to keep going after failure is one of the most essential traits entrepreneurs have.  

Think you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur?  Take the Quiz to find out!

How to Make Your Dream Lifestyle Change a Reality

lifestyle change

Are you putting off your entrepreneurship journey until you feel comfortable that you can afford it? That lifestyle change is most likely already within your reach.

I was having a conversation with someone recently on Twitter about this exactly.  Her dream is to travel the world and make money as a travel writer.  

When I asked her if she had explored what it would take to make it a reality, her response was “she’d have to save up enough so she could afford it”.  She had always assumed it would be a huge amount, so she never took action on it.

Here’s the thing… if you don’t take the time to do the research, you’ll never know what needs to happen to make it a possibility!

Here’s what you’ll need to get clarity on in order to feel empowered to make the changes necessary to change your lifestyle.  You may even surprise yourself and be able to have it even sooner than anticipated!

Evaluate Your Current Income & Expenses

How much is it costing you to maintain your current lifestyle?

When I say cost, it’s not just monetary.  You also have to factor in time, and energy, and support.

As an example, back when I was working in corporate America I was making six figures.  However, I was spending 20 hours a week commuting.  This was costing me not only my own time but also having to pay a babysitter for my son as I sat in a car that many hours a week.  

Nevermind the added costs of a professional wardrobe, a house cleaner (since I was never home to actually clean my own home), and various other costs involved just to make my household function as a single, working, professional mother!

When I sat down and did the math, by leaving that career and starting my own where I could work from anywhere, I’d be eliminating all those extra expenses required to accommodate my current profession.  So I’d actually need less income to do what I really wanted to do.

So the very first step is to sit down and write down every expense you currently have.  Then start crossing off any that would no longer exist if you took action on your dream lifestyle.  That will give you a true, minimum income you’ll need to fund your lifestyle change.

Project Your Dream Minimum Necessary Income & Expenses

You don’t necessarily need more money to live your dream lifestyle.

Many people have the misconception that in order to do so, they need to make even more money than they’re already making in order to make it happen.

One of my clients went through this process and learned that the dream city she wanted to live in cost half of what her current residence did!  So her new business didn’t have to generate anywhere near the income necessary to support her as she had thought.

It’s time to daydream in a big way.  Write out your perfect living situation.  Then research all the expenses that would be involved in making it happen.  Your cost of residence, your utilities, food, transportation, child care, everything you’d need.  

This way you’ll at least have a baseline to compare to your current lifestyle.  You’ll also then know for a fact the true income you’ll need to be generating to actually support it.

Compare the Two & Make Decisions Accordingly

How do you tell if your dream lifestyle can be a reality?  You do the research.  

Take the time to compare your current lifestyle expenses and income, to your dream lifestyle’s expenses and income.

After going through this process myself, I determined the lifestyle I actually wanted to live would cost me a whopping 50% less than the one I was currently living.  The best part was I didn’t even have to move to make it a reality!

If you need to save up a bit of a cushion to make the switch, at least you can do so confidently as well as set up a timeline in order to make it happen.  

None of this would be possible at all if you don’t at minimum do the research to see if a lifestyle change is even a possibility.  So what are you waiting for?  Take charge of your own future and wellbeing today.

lifestyle change

In Summary…

So there you have it!  By evaluating your current income and expenses, and projecting your desired minim income and expenses, and comparing the two, you’ll feel empowered to make the moves necessary to make your dream lifestyle a reality.  

Would you like to explore if entrepreneurship is the right solution to achieve the freedom and balance you truly want?  I invite you to schedule a free strategy session with me to find out.

On the call, we’ll get you clarity on where you are today regarding your business idea and lifestyle, areas for improvement, and market opportunities. We’ll then set you up with realistic goals, as well as uncover the #1 obstacle holding you back.  From there we can create a strategy to help make your dream of entrepreneurship a reality.

Grab some time on my calendar today by clicking here.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Three Ways to Cure Paralysis Analysis

how to cure paralysis analysis

Ever been so overloaded by free information you don’t know where to start?  You might be suffering from paralysis analysis!

You, my friend, are suffering from paralysis analysis!

Let’s say you decided it’s time to start up that business you’ve been thinking about for years.  You start reading books, listening to podcasts, and following famous entrepreneurs on social media. In the process, you’ve learned so many different strategies you’re suddenly terrified of starting with the wrong one! 

For many, they do absolutely nothing.  That business they’ve dreamed of starting never gets anywhere because they just keep reading free content and never implementing what they learned.

If this sounds like you, stick around to learn 3 different ways to go from just learning, to actually implementing.  This will allow you to start taking actions towards your goals and making progress you can be proud of. So long paralysis by analysis!

Join a Mastermind

Who is responsible for keeping you accountable?

Truth is, it’s you.  However more times than not, this is difficult to do all on your own if you have yet to develop this skillset.  

One way to get support while you develop your accountability muscles is to ask other people to help hold you accountable. This is why support groups can be so valuable.

Mastermind groups are kinda like support groups for personal and business development.

They range in price from free, to thousands of dollars and the price you pay is reflective of the level the members are all building their personal development at.  You want to be in a group of people who are either at your level or slightly above it.  

As an example, six-figure entrepreneurs will invest more to be in a group with fellow six and seven-figure entrepreneurs they can learn from.

Masterminds are not group coaching.  They specifically allow members to pose challenges, brainstorm solutions, and keep each other accountable for taking action on what they discussed at their meeting.

Due to the community nature of the meetings, it makes it much harder to allow paralysis by analysis to take over.

Interested in checking out a mastermind designed specifically for aspiring and new entrepreneurs?  Check out my Initiation Entrepreneur Mastermind.  We meet twice a month and would love to have you join us.   

Find a Group Coaching Program

Looking for a step-by-step game plan on how to launch your new business?  Group coaching may be the perfect solution for you.  

Yes, there’s a ton of information in books, podcasts, and on the internet on how to start a new business.  Where a group coaching program fills in the gaps is by not only providing a proven framework of step by step instructions on how to do so, but providing support and accountability towards you making it happen.

Group coaching is very different than a mastermind in that you get mentorship via the coach leading the program. This is usually delivered through group coaching calls in which the coach answers questions the students may have while attempting to implement the strategies covered in the program.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur and group coaching sounds like it may be a good fit for you to help cure your paralysis by analysis, I invite you to schedule a free strategy session with me. In the session, we can discuss if one of my own programs be a good fit for you.    

Enlist a Mentor

Want to know the fastest way to accomplish something you’ve never done before?

Enlist a mentor.

Mentors come by way of coaches, consultants, gurus, craftsmen, and more.  The key is to find someone who’s already done exactly what it is that you desire to accomplish.

When I had first started my coaching and speaking business, I had just spent over 15 years working in electronics distribution and retail.  I was a smart and savvy businesswoman, but I had zero ideas of how the personal development industry worked.  So one of my first, and best, investments were in a coach who herself was a coach, author, and speaker.

Since my mentors showed me strategies that had already been proven for their respective industries, I was able to land my first clients within weeks of starting, grow my social media following and email lists to over 40k followers, and landed my first TEDx talk within 5 months of starting to speak publicly.

The best part is private mentorship and coaching is often catered to the specific needs of the clients.  So it’s customized to you and your specific goals.

I work as a mentor for new entrepreneurs looking to scale effectively so they can go full time and leave their day jobs. If this sounds like you, I invite you to schedule a free strategy session with me. In the session, we can discuss if one of my 1:1 coaching program be a good fit for you.   

In Summary…

So there you have it!  By exploring and participating in these three support opportunities, you’ll feel inspired by your peers who have already done it, as well as be held accountable to the goals you set for yourself.  

Additional support can really help bridge that gap between learning, to actually implement.  It is necessary to take your idea from just an idea to an entirely new lifestyle full of the freedom and balance you’re looking for through entrepreneurship.

paralysis by analysis

Would you like to explore if masterminds, group coaching, or private mentorship/coaching is right for you?  I invite you to schedule a free strategy session with me to find out.

On the call, we’ll get you clarity on where you are today regarding your business idea, areas for improvement, and market opportunities. We’ll then set you up with realistic goals, as well as uncover the #1 obstacle holding you back.  From there we can create a strategy to help make your dream of entrepreneurship a reality.

How Many Social Media Followers Do I Need?

social media folloers

“How many social media followers do I need?”

If you’re an aspiring or new business owner, I’ll bet this is one of the #1 questions you started asking yourself when you decided to start your business.  For many, the fear of not having any followers is enough to stop their business aspirations in their tracks.

Believe it or not, your success as an entrepreneur is not determined by the number of followers you have.  I’ve been a digital marketer for over 10 years, and when I first started my coaching business, despite growing to 40k followers within a year, but couldn’t get any of them to buy a damn thing!!!

It wasn’t until I started tracking three other metrics that weren’t social media followers that I finally started to see my content creation efforts finally start to pay off in my bank account.  By learning what they are, you too will be able to create content that converts to sales… instead of followers.

Authentic Comments

How can you tell if a piece of content works?  

People literally will tell you… in the comments!

Authentic comments are the ones that point out exactly what you spoke about in your piece of content and how it relates to their life or business, or share how your content resonated with them.

This is not to be confused with a passive comment, such as a series of fire emojis. Dropping an emoji takes next to no effort.  Composing a thoughtful message means your content provided enough value for the reader to devote their time to let you know.

When someone comments like this, don’t leave them hanging! They’re already invested in your brand!  Respond to their comments, ask questions and get to know them better.  This is how you start to nurture relationships and build confidence in your brand and try your products and services.

Direct Messages (DM’s)

How often do your followers DM you?  

A great piece of content with a direct message call to action is one of the best strategies out there for service providers like consultants and coaches.  

If you don’t get them often, that’s on you.  You have to invite your followers to DM you as part of your call to action strategy.  

By inviting them to reach out to you, you give them permission to get to know you and find out more about what you have to offer without “selling” them.  It’s more casual than a phone call.

It also allows you to prequalify whether or not they’re a good fit for what you have to offer, as well as determine the best next steps to progress the customer relationship.

So next time you post, try making your call to action “Want some help with this? DM me, I can help!” and see where the conversation takes you.  More DM’s = more sales opportunities.

Signups, Appointments & Sales

Which would you rather have: More social media followers… or more sales?

When you focus on the number of followers your gaining as opposed to the number of direct conversations you’re having with potential customers, you’re in a way ignoring all the people already in your audience who are already ready to buy from you!

Each piece of content you post should have an invitation to take their relationship with you off the social media platform and instead to whatever the next step is.  That could be signing up for an email newsletter, a webinar, booking a discovery call, or even going to a sales page.

So next time you sit down to create your content, remember to think of what you want that follower to do and tell them exactly how to take the next action.

In Summary…

So there you have it!  When you track these three business metrics instead of your vanity metrics like follower counts or likes, you’ll have much better visibility to what content actually converts people into paying customers for your new business.

Next time you sit down to plan your content, have a clear call-to-action, be sure to answer every comment, and nurture and engage with every interaction every step of the way.  This is how you build a brand and experience people truly remember.

Did you find value in this post?  Be sure to sign up for my email list.  Every single week you’ll receive tips like these, tricks, and strategies you can use to improve your life, career or business.  I look forward to connecting with you there.

How to Get Clients (by Answering One Question)

how to get clients

If you want to learn how to get clients, but can’t answer this one question… getting them will be tough.

You’ll instantly improve your client acquisition results by having clarity on this single question… even if you’re clueless about marketing.

The question: Who is your most profitable customer?

You have to know who exactly it is that you make the most money from, who is easy to work with and you invest the least amount of time in.

And it’s not just knowing them. You have to be savvy to their demographics, where they hang out, what do they love and value, what’s their lifestyle like, and much much more.

Tune in to this video and learn the 3 things you risk by lacking this clarity.

How to Get Clients

3 Things At Risk if You Can’t Answer This Question

You Don’t Stand Out

Truth is the vast majority of small businesses can’t answer this question effectively. So by advertising to everyone, just like everyone else… it’s near impossible for your business to stand out.

Your Ads Don’t “Speak” to Your Customers

To have a successful business, you need to provide a solution to a specific problem, for a specific customer. If your ads don’t speak to your customer’s specific problems and challenges, they’ll have zero idea you can even solve them!

You Won’t Stand Out as an Expert

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, do they see their General Practitioner or a walk-in clinic about it? Of course not! They want to go to a doctor who is an expert at dealing with cancer, so they go to an oncologist.

Your customers are looking for the same type of expert in your field to solve their problem. If your content doesn’t demonstrate your knowledge and expertise of their issue, they’ll have no idea you’re the expert they need to solve it!

In Summary…

When you speak to everyone… you effectively speak to no one. When you market and create content to bring in your ideal content, you need to be sure it’s focused on them, and what they’re looking for.

how to get clients

If this resonates for you and you’d like some help really narrowing down your niche and leveling up the number of clients you have, drop me a comment. I’m here to help!

The Secret of How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

the secret to work-life balance

Do you want to learn how to achieve work-life balance, but keep hearing it’s a myth?

Truth is, it’s a real thing. You can have it, but you really got to be clear on this one thing first before you can have it. 

Today I’m sharing the number one thing that you need to address so that you can ultimately achieve the work-life balance that you had initially started your business to try to have. 

How I learned how to achieve work-life balance

I’ve been a single mom since my son was five months old, so if there’s anybody who understands work-life balance, It’s me.

Over the years I discovered that I have a “tell” when my work balance isn’t working out for me.   When you figure out your own “tell”, it’ll make it a possibility for you too. 

What’s your “tell”?

If you’ve followed me for any length of time on my platforms, you’ll know I’m an overwhelmingly positive person.

When I’m overworked, I start getting really negative and stop engaging with other people.  I stop looking forward to going to work every day and am generally really low in energy.

These are all huge “tells” for me.  Worse yet, when I get this way I start taking action on things that aren’t necessarily in alignment with my priorities.

The danger when you’re not balanced

When I’m overworked, I also have a tendency to want to force outcomes as well as to take whatever action necessary in order to make it happen. 

So if I wasn’t aware of my “tell” and how I get when I’m working too much, then it would be that much more difficult for me to realign and refocus my work so that I’m back in balance again. It also helps me not feel as negative and I can bring my positive energy back.

How to achieve it

For me, once I am able to identify it’s happening, I then make some changes to my habits to force myself back into balance.

For each and every individual business owner, this is gonna be different but here are some things that can help.

  • Try working less.  Either shorter hours or adding a few 3 day weekends.
  • Get clear on your immediate priorities
  • Say no to anything that isn’t a priority

Want even more actionable strategies? You can check out this post too.

In Summary

One of the easiest ways to keep your work-life balance in check is by identifying your “tells”.  

That way once you notice yourself starting to feel them, you can take a few steps back to recharge, reprioritize, and rebalance.

how to achieve work-life balance

Have a question on how to make this work for you? Leave a comment, I’m here to help.