Out of all emotions, fear is the one that stops us in our tracks.

Have you ever been afraid to start a small business, or afraid to grow the one you have?

Starting a new small business is daunting.  

Common questions new entrepreneurs doubt themselves on include…
“What if my idea isn’t profitable?”
“What if I can’t support myself?”
“What if I have no money to start it up?”
“What if I can’t figure out how to market it?”
“What if I know nothing about websites or payroll?”
“What if no one likes what I’m selling/offering?”
It doesn’t stop there.  Then…

Once you finally have a small business…

you continue to doubt yourself by asking…
“What if we have a bad sales month?”
“What if I can’t make payroll?”
“What if I don’t try new marketing tactics and my competitor does?”
“What if I don’t know how to update my website?”
“What if my marketing investments don’t return?”
“What if I lose my best employee?”


What if you could eliminate your small business fears, and step forward to create or grow your existing business to levels you never imagined possible?


Corrie LoGiudice’s Small Business Coaching & Mentorship programs can help.
After Small Business Coaching & Mentorship with Corrie, you as a small business owner will feel:
Confident your ideas are profitable.
Excited to build your business the way you want it.
Proud to have conquered new systems and tactics that you knew nothing about.
Self-sufficient in your operations and marketing needs.
Secure with your operating expenses and investments.
Proud to lead your employees to execute on their small business’s mission.
Relieved you have working knowledge of previously delegated tasks and can decide for yourself if it’s still worth delegating.
Clear on your most profitable customer and how to attract them.
Proud of the brand image your small business displays.
Satisfaction and fulfillment of scaling your business to the level you’ve always believed achievable.

Not addressing small business fears can lead owners to…

Never launch their business or product.
Not considering crucial aspects of running a profitable business.
Make costly mistakes trusting others to handle tasks you don’t understand.
Not preparing for seasonal slowdowns or setbacks.
Overspending on marketing by not advertising to the right customer.
Not growing your business to it’s fullest potential.
Allowing your small business fears to fester sets you up to stay stagnant and not grow.  Corrie’s seen this happen to so many small business owners and doesn’t want to see it happen to you.

Corrie's Signature difference

With over 15 years of experience working with both Fortune 200 companies and hundreds of small, local resellers, Corrie understands the needs of both small and large business operations.

Prior to launching her own coaching practice, Corrie was the third generation of three generations of entrepreneurs contributing to their family’s regional distribution business, where she worked her way up from a Graphic Designer to Senior Vice President.

She’s also started and founded several start-ups of her own in industries ranging from weddings to electronics sales and installation. She understands what it takes to get a new business up, off the ground and running.

Corrie is a rare combination of having both creative and operational expertise and a passion for all things small family business.  Meaning she can not only help you build your small business brand the way you envision it, but also distribute your plans and message to the key stakeholders who need to see and make it a reality.


Ready to take the next step to release your fears and take your business to the next level?
Take control of your small business’s future by investing in Small Business Coaching & Mentorship with Corrie today. 
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My experience with Corrie was inspiring & motivating. I was given tasks & break downs for my business goals. I was also given resources to keep me focused & on track. Supportive, direct & knowledgable are qualities that I found with Corrie as a Business/Life Coach. I would highly recommend her.

Kathleen Preziosa / Exhale Massage and Wellness - Rockville Centre, NY