I’m Corrie LoGiudice, but you can call me Corrie Lo.  

I’m a life & business strategist, speaker, 3rd generation entrepreneur and single mother to a hilariously awesome pre-schooler.  I’ve also met Oprah, used to play electric cello in a punk band, and at one point could squat over 200 pounds.

I’ve always been an incredibly motivated individual.  It’s a defining characteristic of my personality. I’m the type of person who when I want something, I find a way to get it.  I’m always successful, but as I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s never easy.

Take, for example, my own personal goals.  All I’ve ever wanted was to have a successful business, own a home, and have a large family.

Miscarriage, abuse, and divorce were MAJOR hurdles that set me back big time.  Suddenly, I was trying to run my family’s company as a Senior Vice President, all while juggling a newborn baby, grieving my failed marriage, and being both newly homeless and penniless all at the same time.  Talk about giant setbacks.

I didn’t know how to dig myself out of this hole.  So I decided to utilize my 4 hour commute time each day to start learning as much as I could.  I learned about relationships, personal development, finance, leadership, anything I could put my hands on that would make me feel like I was becoming a better person, in spite of my circumstances.

Life finally seemed to get back on track, until it suddenly sent me another curveball.  My long-term, post-divorce partner ended his life by suicide


How was I supposed to start over… again?  

How was I going to find the motivation to even try?


It was after this event that I finally noticed a trend. If one of five specific areas of my life was out of balance, my motivation would come to a screeching halt.  

Though I hadn’t realized it yet, following my divorce, I balanced all these areas using my soon to be realized Motivation Method™ and saved enough money not to rent, but BUY my own home. Starting from zero, within a year.  Better yet, six months later, I was in a long-term relationship with a new partner who loved me for exactly who I was, and did so unconditionally.  

After I, unfortunately, lost that love, I found the motivation to quit my 15-year career, start my own successful coaching practice, gained an international following of over 40k people.  Oh, and I even found love, AGAIN. All within ONE YEAR.  

It was at this time that I realized my Motivation Method™ worked in helping me achieve what I’ve always wanted regardless of life’s circumstances.  It’s also a framework that can be used for learning how to keep both individuals and businesses motivated and performing to their highest potential.

My students have all seen the same results.  The motivation they didn’t even know they had sourced inside of them finally came alive, helping them achieve the goals they always dreamed of.    

Ready to become more motivated today? 

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