Ep.6 – The Strength of Self-Care with Kelly Rozick

On this episode, Corrie is joined by Kelly Rozick, a yoga teacher, blogger, and self-care advocate.

After discovering she was about to become a big sister at 12 years old, Kelly developed an eating disorder that was fueled by the incorrect belief that she must not have been good enough for her parents if decided to have more children after all those years. She experienced supporting her mother through a cancer diagnosis, and later on the extreme trauma of being raped by an ex-boyfriend.  Shortly after falling in love with husband, she discovered he was avoiding processing his very own traumas through an alcohol addiction, which could have torn their family apart, but Kelly was determined not to allow to happen.

Through helping her husband in his journey to sobriety, she discovered the healing power of both yoga and self-care.  And she’s been an advocate of both ever since and now shares her love of yoga with others in her teaching practice and her love of self-care on her blog, Long Run Ohm.

Kelly Rozick Biography:

After reaching the top of the corporate ladder years ago with a career in marketing, Kelly Rozick started working part-time, mostly from home so that she could spend more time with her children. In that time, she’s also started her own motivational blog, Long Run Ohm and finally found her freedom to teach yoga how she loves too at I Am Limitless! Yoga studio.   Her appreciation and affection for yoga has grown over the last several years and I she can’t wait to share it with others! Kelly truly values her students – who have taught her so much.

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